Wednesday, October 29, 2014

...You have until age 9 to correct the problem...after that, the damage is permanent read that correctly. I think my new plan is to just avoid new more bad news! :) Who's with me?!?

I think I've shared before that Zane's vision is the only other major issue that has come from his Golden Har syndrome. Besides the cranial/facial deformities, it can also affect the heart, the kidneys, the liver, and the eyes. 1 out of 4 ain't bad, I guess. 

The few of you that have been riding along with us for awhile now will recall when little man got his first pair of glasses...we had to go with the sport goggles because he's missing an ear and all...or you might not have realized because his personality is bigger than the Statue of Liberty...for the love. SO...the goggles had a strap from eye-to-eye. Perfect solution. Except for the complete and utter smashing of his poor little face, eyeballs touching the lenses, etc. He sure looked cute, but he was in constant pain and aggravation. I found myself telling him, no less than every 2 minutes, PUT YOUR GLASSES BACK ON!!! I may or may not have even resorted to, "Don't you realize you'll go BLIND in that eye?!?!?" He pretty much thumbed his nose at the Blindness Kings and shoved them up like the coolest pair of shades ever! 

We called in subs, we scolded and punished, and then we...well, we basically just gave up. Blast it all. 

The glasses persecution lasted Feb-June. Then it was time to revisit the eye doc. Since I knew I'd be in the fetal position if I walked into that hospital in the month of June, Captain America took big Z in my stead. Unfortunately, his eyes had gotten worse. I was completely shocked after we had given up all efforts to correct his vision. Just shocked. 

Guess what happens when your eyesight worsens!?! You get a new prescription! 

Guess what happens when you get a new prescription!?! You...say it with me now...GET NEW GLASSES. 

For the love. I can't even. Ain't nobody got time for that...and every other overused catch phrase of our day.

We won't even go into the time lapse between that dr visit and a certain Mother of the YEAR actually going in to get the glasses...maybe a couple weeks...give or take 3 months. AND that was only after our primary doc said, "Eyes. Deal with that NOW. Nothing else. Focus on the eyes." Pushy people, over here in Iowa. 

Of course, when I finally meandered into the vision center and begin to pick out frames, the sweet gal said, "Oh, you really should bring Zane in so we can fit him for the glasses." You remember him, right, lady?!? Cute little Asian ear...was running laps around your little store filled with GLASS?!? So how's about you and I just wrap this thing up, shall we? 

We went with regular frames and a band that slid onto the stems...hoping that he might cooperate more if they didn't hurt so badly. Again, more insanity as they tried to deal with the cranial malformation that most people never notice because of his hair...I felt like just calling the ear dude in Iowa City and whispering in my best stalker voice, "Give the dude his ear. Now. And no one gets hurt." 

So here we find ourselves...Zane seems to not fight the glasses issues quite as much because they aren't killing his face. But it's just tricky because he's got a strap going east-to-west around his head, for the glasses...and a strap running north-to-south for his hearing aid. Yikes. Sounds like that leads us to another post...soon.